About me

    Hi my name is MARK GLEN ILAN isa po akong OFW sa   bansang arabo. I am a electrical technician at the same      time i learn pipe fitter,so i have a 2 skilled now. I have been working in saudi since 2008. I LOVE LEARNING specially reading and developing skills.

Let me define my self when i was in philippines:

1.Workless    2. Truant    3. Superficial happiness

I start using computer when i just came here lang po sa saudi,so meaning to say wala po akong experience sa SOCIAL MARKETING.  BUT…I LOVE LEARNING!

I continued learning about social marketing. Within 4 years for using computer, i learn something.  But though why am wanting more? So, parang may kulang pa. I thought, why i didn’t use to EARN what i LEARN in computer?

In other words, i searched and searched business online.

Finally after years of searching, i found what am looking for…

The www.supremewealthalliance.com is the Homebased Online Business na very easy lang ang process the company created a sytem. so ang gagawin lang natin ay to follow the instruction.

Ang trabaho  lang po natin dito is to INFORM not to CONVINCE!

You can add me up in FACEBOOK to guide you or in EMAIL. Also you can check my WEBSITES.

EMAIL: imarkglen@yahoo.com

WEBSITE: http://supremewealthalliance.com/id/index.php?ref=markglen

BLOG: https://businessonlineforus.wordpress.com/

BLOG: http://supreme-wealth-alliance.posterous.com/






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