Take note: whether you ultimately succeed or fail in network
marketing, it is not due to your upline or your downline, or
your mentor or your spouse, or the economy, or the government.
It is up to YOU. It is your responsibility, completely.



Network Marketing Tip – Position Yourself as a Leader

To succeed in this business, you need to be a leader. You also need to cultivate the expectation of leadership within your team.No one can hang around on the middle rung of the MLM ladder indefinitely and expect cash to pour into their coffers. Constantly encourage a culture of leadership within your business, so that everyone plays his or her part.





Network Marketing Tip – Target the Right People

While it would make your MLM journey easier, your friends and family are most likely not your target.In fact, if you notice they make every effort to avoid your pitch, you know you have the wrong people mind. The key to finding qualified leads is research and plenty of it.
Get into the heads of your prospects to understand who they are, what solutions they need, and how you can help them. Your opportunity should be the solution that solves their problem and helps them achieve their goals.
Targeting the wrong group will get you nowhere fast, so make certain you do your homework.





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